The English teetotaler and Baptist priest, Thomas Cook, lived from 1808, to 1892.  Alongside his church duties, he also had time to arrange the world's first package travel. A train journey for 570 parishioners, who in 1841 journeyed the 11 miles from Leicester to Lougborourg. The price of 1 Shilling included the train trip, food and overnight accommodation.

Then Thomas Cook extended to trips to most of the world, and today the Thomas Cook Group employs approximately 28 000 people. This includes approximately 1000 in Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, which preferably flies for Ving in Norway and Sweden, for Spies in Denmark, and for Tjaereborg in Finland.

Important dates

1961: SAS establishes Scanair as the company's charter flight company. They initially have headquarters in Copenhagen, but then move to Stockholm in 1965.

1965: Simon Spies purchases the bankrupt Flying Enterprise and renames it Conair. The purchase of Boeing 707 aircrafts in 1967 marked the transition to flying with jets.

1994: Premiair is established by merging Conair and Scanair. The company gets headquarters in Copenhagen. An important reason for this is that Denmark, as opposed to Sweden, is a member of the EU.

2002: In May, 2002, Premiair changes name to MyTravel Airways.

2008: One of the world's largest travel companies is established by merging the Thomas Cook Group plc and MyTravel Group plc.

2013: Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia becomes part of Thomas Cook Group Airline.

2014: The first of six new aircraft is delivered from Airbus in Hamburg.

2015: Three A330-300 aircraft are modernised with new seats and entertainment system.

2016: The last aircraft in the fleet is painted in the well knows colours.



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